Empower Women – Develop the World 100 years   Photo by Rochelle Coote

2019 Conference

The District Conference took place 12-15 September 2019 in Copenhagen.

285 participated at the Town Hall Square event and the ensuing reception, and more than 220 were attending at least one full conference day, most of them both days.

The theme of the Centennial Conference was “Empower Women – Develop the World”.

Governor Dorte Olesen was the presiding officer of the conference.
Liaison Sigrid Duden represented Zonta International Board.

Keynote presentation “Empowering women worldwide” was presented by Ulla Tørnæs, MP and former Minister for Development Cooperation.

Two very inspiring talks “Women’s economic power and Zonta’s role past, present and future” given by Marlene Nørgaard Carolus from My Banker and Pernille Fenger from UNFPA leading to a panel theme discussion.

At the District Conference we celebrated the Centennial Anniversary of Zonta International, among others at a special ceremony for the presentation of The Centennial District 13 Recognition Awards.

District Meeting 2019 was part of the conference.

See minutes of the Conference and the District meeting here.

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