A Zontian is always a member of a Zonta club. The 2014 edition of ZI Bylaws tells Classified members are men and women with experience in a recognized business or profession and who are willing to actively support and implement the objects of Zonta Honorary Members area persons who have distinguished themselves by some unusual service other than service to Zonta. Honorary members are exempt from payment of dues. They cannot hold an elective office, vote or represent the club as a delegate.


From 1919 through 1988, Zonta was a women´s organization. After United States Supreme Court ruled that Rotary International must admit women, Zonta IOnternational´s Bylaws were amended to allow individual clubs to invite men to membership. 2016, the majority of members are still women.

Special leadership experiences and competences were required. Most Zontians have leadership positions.

Zonta International Bylaws defines who is entitled to become a Zontian (ZI Bylaws Article XIV, section 2)

Persons who want to join Zonta should take contact to a Zonta club (Link?)