D-13 Newsletter

District 13 has its own called District 13 Newsletter. At the beginning of each biennium, governor will publish the dates for publishing the newsletters and the deadlines for forwarding articles to the newsletters.

You might subscribe to the D-13 Newsletter or you can read them here: Governor’s newsletters. The areas’ newsletters can be read here but for individual club newsletters, please go to the individual clubs’ websites.

D-13 Newsletter July 2016 (the last 2014-16 newsletter)

This is the last 2014-16 biennium newsletter; please, receive my gratitude for the results you have achieved in the 2014-16 biennium.

Last D 13 newsletter 2014- 2016 (Eng) Last D 13 newsletter 2014-16 (dansk)

It has been a pleasure to serve D 13 as governor; I wish District 13 good luck and tailwind during the biennium 2016-18. Warm regards  Eva Nielsen

D-13 Newsletter 2, 2016

D-13 Newsletter 1 2016

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