D13 and the United Nations Webinars – February 2021

D13 UN & CoE committee invited to “D13 and the United Nations webinars”. 
There were 3 identical sessions via Microsoft Teams, and a total of more than 70 participated. 

  • more than 40 participants on the 10th of February. The chairman of the UN International committee Pamela Morgan and the member of the committee Gertrud Ribitch  participated actively also
  • 12 on the 16th. Assistant Executive Director, Programs and Advocacy Megan Radavich from HQ participated
  • 20 on the 18th. Ingeborg Geyer, member of the International UN committee participated also 

HERE you will find the final version of the presentation on the webinars.

A “spoken” version that runs by itself if you want to show it in a meeting is also prepared – Find it at this link: ZontaandTheUN-SPOKEN.ppsx