Chair Aase V. Schmidt, ZC Næstved

Member Thora Akadottir, ZC Akureyri
Member Astrid Grude Eikseth, ZC Trondheim


Chair Wenche Olstad, ZC Stavanger

Chair Ruta Jasioniene, ZC Alytus

Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee

The district nominating committee is an elected autonomous committee and is empowered to make decisions regarding candidates without explanation to the governor, the district board, the nominees or anybody else. This committee works independently (ZI Bylaws Article XIII, Districts, Section 13.) The Nominating Committee proposes the slate of candidates for the positions of governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer, and members of the nominating committee for the next biennium. The members of the committee are elected at the district conference in the odd-numbered year to propose a slate of candidates for the following biennium. The two-year term of the members of the nominating committee starts at the close of the international convention after the district conference at which they are elected and ends with the term of the next international convention.