District 13 Board members 2016-18

Ingibjörg Eliasdóttir, Governor
Ingibjörg Eliasdóttir
Board member - 2
Dorte Olesen
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Berit Birkelund
Helena G. Bjarnadottir
Helena G. Bjarnadóttir
Board member - Lisbeth
Lisbeth Løvenov
Viduta Backieriene
Viduta Backieriene
Lára G. Hansdóttir
Mari Ramsten Vangdal

2016-18 Board

District 13 Board members 2016-18

Governor: Ingibjörg Eliasdottir, ZC Akureyri, Iceland

Ingibjörg Elíasdóttir was born in 1968. She is a lawyer and for the last nine years has worked for the governmental institution, Centre for Gender Equality, as head of the legal department. She also teaches part time at the University of Akureyri, where she previously taught full time. She has had her own small firm for a few years and has a license to litigate for the federal district courts in Iceland. Ingibjörg earned her law degree at the University of Iceland. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from the University of Georgia in the United States. Currently, she is completing a Master of Public Administration degree  at the University of Iceland. Ingibjörg has been a member of the Akureyri Zontaclub since 2000 and has been club secretary, vice president and president of her club, vice AD and AD for area 3. She enjoys her Zonta work very much, as it has given her opportunities to meet and work with women in many countries. In her personal life, Ingibjörg is married and has three children, 21, 18 and 16 years old, and two adult stepchildren. She lives in Akureyri, Iceland.

Lt. Governor: Dorte Olesen, ZC Copenhagen I, Denmark

Dorte Olesen was born in 1948. She has a MSc degree in Mathematics and physics (University of Copenhagen), PhD and later Doctor of Science degree in mathematics. In her professional life she has been a University Professor of mathematics since 1980, Director General at the Danish IT-Centre for Research and Education 1989- 2011, since 2011 also Executive Adviser at the Technical University of Denmark. She was the Chair of the Board of Roskilde University 2004-08, and is presently a Board Member at the Politiken Foundation and GEANT Association. Dorte has been a member of ZC Copenhagen I since 1990, held club positions as Board member, Vice-President and President and Committee chair, in Area 01 chair of the PR-committee and Scholarship-committee 2011-2015.

Treasurer: Berit Birkelund, ZC Naestved, Denmark

Berit Birkelund was born in 1959. For the last 30 years she have worked as a consulting engineer in a private company, where she have organized and managed an environmental department, which is under permanent development. Berit is concerned mainly with the industrial environment, contaminated soil and groundwater, and mining and quarrying – but do also have great skills in working environment and indoor climate. Today, the environmental topic is a part in every construction projects. Berit became a member of the Zonta Club of Næstved in 2004. She was elected to the club board as Vice Clubpresident in 2007 and she was the Clubpresident for the biennium 2008-2010. For the years 2008-2010 she  was also appointed as the Secretary for the Area 01 Board and as the webmaster of Area 01. She was Area Director 2012-2014. She has been elected treasurer for District 13 for the biennium 2014-2016 and continues this office for the biennium 2016-2018.

Secretary: Helena Guðlaug Bjarnadóttir, ZC Akureyri, Iceland

Helena G. Bjarnadóttir was born in 1969. She studied piano playing since she was a child and finished her baccalaureat degree in 1989, with music as major. In 1993 she graduated with a BA degree in music teaching and a degree in performance in 1994. Helena is also a singer and a guide. Since the year 2000 she has worked as a teacher at the Music School in Akureyri. She performs regularly, both as a solo singer and with her choir Hymnodia. Helena has been a member of the Akureyri Zontaclub since 2004.

AD 01: Lisbeth Løvenov, ZC Copenhagen I, Denmark

Lisbeth Løvenov was born 1945. She earned her degree as a dentist from Copenhagen Dental School in 1971, she is a licensed acupuncturer since 2009. Lisbeth works  both as dentist and an acupuncturer in her own clinic Charlottenlund, Copenhagen. Lisbeth has been a member of Zonta club Copenhagen 1 since 1975, member of her club’s board for 16 years, she has been club President twice and was vice AD in 2014-2016.

AD 02: Viduta Backieriene, ZC Marijampole

Viduta Bačkierienė has a university degree in the medical field and in business administration. She has worked as a nurse and a hospital deputy director of nursing. Her current job is director of a special social care-home in Marijampole. She has been a member of Zonta since 1998 and she was a president of her club in 2014-2016. Viduta is married, has a son and a granddaughter.

AD 03: Lara G. Hansdóttir, ZC Embla

Lára G. Hansdóttir studied law at the University of Iceland and graduated in 1976.  She lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada from 1977 – 1982. Lára worked as a lawyer for a law firm in Reykjavík from 1982 -1989.  Was a practising lawyer at Lögfræðiþjónustan from 1989 – 1999.  From October 1999 she has been working for the Financial Management Authority as the manager  of the payroll department.

Lára joined the Zontaclub Embla in 2002 and has both been  a president of the club, a member of the board, and in different committees of the club.

Lára is married, has three grown-up children with families and lives in Reykjavík.

AD 04: Mari Ramsten Vangdal, ZC Oslo

Mari Ramsten Vangdal is a medical  laboratory technologist by profession,  specialized  in microbiology. She was head of the medical  laboratory in Aker Hospital, chief education Officer in Høgskolen i Oslo,  and  director of clinic of medical service in Lovisenberg Hospital.   In between Mari has been  editor of a scientific magasin and active in organisations.

She has been a Zonta member since 1992.  Mari has been club president, governor elect and governor in 2000-2002, she was an international director in 2003 to 2005 and a Foundation ambassador from 2006-2008. When Mari  was asked  to be AD  she did not hesitate to say yes.  Zonta has given her so much and she is happy to give a little in return.  Mari is married, has two children and two grandchildren living in Oslo.